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The Crochet Fever!!

Oh no!!! I’ve contracted the crochet fever!! (Sorry about being inactive this week 😦 I’ve not been doing much craft stuff but I promise a longer post later in the day!)

Recently, I’ve entered the giveaway by Craft Passion. If you’ve not entered, go there after you’ve read finish this post! There’s a few more days left AND the winner can be ANYWHERE!!

Anyway, back to the topic. So as I was looking at the website, a cute little owl was sleeping. (Actually it’s a blog post) This owl has appeared a few times but I’ve ignored it because well, crochet is “not my thing” (the exact words that came out of my mouth).

Mr Murasaki Amigurumi Pattern

Isn’t he adorable??

If you’ve been into the Pinterest “jungle”, you’ve realised that there are LOADS of crochet items with patterns and the latest Amigurumi.

So this time, I thought, it’s no harm just having a look, right? WRONG!! I clicked into the tutorial and then after reading the introduction of the owner of this owl, Mei, on Craft Passion, I was SO inspired to do this cute little owl.

Being a “tech” person, I immediately went to Youtube to find “How to Amigurumi”. Clicked the first video. Watched it. Realized I NEED to know how to crochet. Click into the tutorial for beginners. Watched it. AND made up my mind to learn crochet! This all happened in less than an hour!!

Next morning, I woke up. Went to mum’s craft stash, found the yarn and crochet needle, watched the video again and started doing!! Then I just sat there for a few hours, learning how to do the basic stitch and the bit-more complicated ones.

Basic stitch done!

Basic stitch done!

Here’s the end product!!

Combo of few stitches and TADA!

Combo of few stitches and TADA!

I know… It looks weird, tension not consistent, etc etc But hey, for a beginner, I rate myself a 7 out of 10!

Well, I know what’s on my Christmas wish list now (or just one of them anyway). Unfortunately, mum only had this yarn left. But it’s alright. I’m gonna do a Smiley Face Amigurumi this week with this last ball of yarn. Click the link for the tutorial how to do the smiley 🙂 Yes, I’ve removed all the stitches to wind back into a ball of yarn.

That’s it. I’ve caught the fever of crochet! Yup, another craft to add into my interest list! Yeah!!

So, have you tried crocheting before? What’s your favourite Amigurumi that you’ve seen so far? Oh and do check out this Youtube tutorial (How to Crochet) and explore her channel.

Shalom 平安