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2015 Craft Resolution


Although nothing magical happens with the change of the year, we can always make an effort to improve ourselves and look forward to better days!

2014 was a roller coaster ride for me. But it has also been a teacher, teaching me to know myself better and to stand strong during stormy days.

So, this year I’m gonna commit myself to building this blog by posting each Thursday. Aiming for the habit and quality.

What about you? What resolutions are you making for 2015?

Remember, it’s the habit and progress rather than just the goal!

Have a great year and live each day with gratitude.

See you next Thursday!


Giveaway by Craft Passion

Hello lovelies!

Time for a giveaway! (I still can’t afford) BUT you can go to Craft Passion for her giveaway.

What’s the special occasion?? Craft Passion Facebook Fan Page has reached 100,000 likes!!!! Yeah!!! Congratulations to Joanne for reaching the mile stone!

I’m looking forward for her Facebook page to reach the next one!

What are you waiting for? Head on to Craft Passion to get the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Plus, the giveaway is opened to WORLD WIDE! That’s right! Go ahead and click on Craft Passion!

Till the next time we meet 🙂

Shalom 平安

Mummy, My First Inspiration

When I was younger, I hated art class.. My drawings are very stiff and lack creativity. I love colouring in the lines but it was still very stiff. While my classmate had really beautiful landscape drawings, mine had the sun in the right corner, triangular peaks for mountains on the upper part of the paper.

But nevertheless, mummy to the rescue!! Whenever I give up on my drawing, mummy would teach me how to make it look better.

I’ll always remember how good mummy is at freehand drawing. And she’ll always reprimand me. “You can’t stick your hand to the paper to do freehand,” that’s what she always tell me.

Whenever I had to complete my Seni (art), those are the days I dread. But mummy will always be beside me to guiding me and helping me. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to pass my art subject.

Since young, mummy has always exposed me to a variety of craft work, such as cross stitch, knitting and a big bit of sewing. My all time favorite is doing cross stitch.

Mummy is good with crafting using any materials she can get. She has built an A-Tent out of pipes for me and my brother. She has build storage boxes out of cardboard boxes. She has made small furniture for the house.

Mummy made a patchwork blanket and a heart-shaped pillow for me when I was young. Those 2 items have always followed me, especially the pillow.

Mummy made loads of bags for me since i was young. A few sling bags, a few lunch bags, a few cloth folders.

Chances are, if you name any craft work, mummy would have done it once or twice.

So, my mummy is my first and always will be my inspiration in my craft work. Whenever I have doubt in doing any kind of craft, mummy would have the answers for me. She’ll advise me and sometimes reprimand me for venturing into dangerous craft territory.

But always, she’ll be there supporting.

The few times where the crafts was the craze were the folding of gizallion paper stars and making friendship bracelet. Mummy helped cut out the stripes from old magazines and papers so that we could fold the paper stars. Then, there was the craze of friendship bracelet in primary school. Mummy paid for the strings needed and even helped me complete a few.

Mummy has always inspired me to use our own hands to create beautiful things. It doesn’t matter how long it’ll take, thread by thread, cut by cut, we’ll complete the project.

One of the biggest inspiration mummy gives is how she’ll sew bags for her friends (and daughter) using cloths that are precious to her. She doesn’t hold back on using good materials to bless so many people. Hand-sewn bags, tissue packs, pin cushions, mummy will always choose to give to those who desire. All it takes is an awesome relationship and the wanting of a personalized gift (that’s how i see it).

So, who’s your inspiration? In whatever you do, be it craft, blogging, cooking and writing, is there someone who have inspired you to take the very first step forward? If there is, remember to always show your gratitude to them.