My Biggest Purchase: Tao Bao

After I started having an interest in needle felting, being a hoarder, I started finding the materials.

At first, it started with buying from a local online needle felt store, Nekomeow. She was my first choice since she’s in Malaysia too. (Plus, she has needle felting kits with instructions!!)

Then, there was Daiso with their needle felting kits and wool packs. I went crazy in there.. I bought the whole series of the needle felting kits and most of their wool packs. But their wool packs’ colours were limited.

At last!! I found Tao Bao!! It’s basically an online shopping mall. You can get whatever you want here plus different stores offer different prices. So I went hunting for the store that sells wool packs with a huge range of colour range at a relatively cheap price.

I did find it, plus other stuff I didn’t really needed. So searching for items is the easy part, the downside? Shipping and handling fees are quite expensive because firstly, all the items will be sent to a factory, repackaged to each buyer then shipped to the airport then to your local post office and finally your place. Plus, you need to find agents who will usually charge you with agent fees. On top of that, as with overseas shipment, your package is not calculated by weight but by the size of the box it is contained in. So it means, wool is light but takes up relatively large space.. OH NOOOO….

Anyway, in my at-the-moment passion, I decided to give it a shot. Bought a wool pack that has 36 colours at 10gm each, a needle felting kit (that didn’t come with instructions), candy socks doll and elastic thread.

Then, came the longest wait…. The wait for my precious cargo to arrive…….

And it CAME!!! Safe and sound… I was so excited! Now, to start with all the back-logged projects.

Of course, my shopping spree didn’t just stop there. I continued on finding local craft or fabric stores to add to my hoard. But I’ve become more careful and rational in buying my materials.

What about you? Have you shopped at Tao Bao before? Any good agents to recommend? And what do you usually purchase?

Oh, before i forget, do check out Nekomeow and her store! Support Malaysian artist!!

Shalom 平安

Mummy, My First Inspiration

When I was younger, I hated art class.. My drawings are very stiff and lack creativity. I love colouring in the lines but it was still very stiff. While my classmate had really beautiful landscape drawings, mine had the sun in the right corner, triangular peaks for mountains on the upper part of the paper.

But nevertheless, mummy to the rescue!! Whenever I give up on my drawing, mummy would teach me how to make it look better.

I’ll always remember how good mummy is at freehand drawing. And she’ll always reprimand me. “You can’t stick your hand to the paper to do freehand,” that’s what she always tell me.

Whenever I had to complete my Seni (art), those are the days I dread. But mummy will always be beside me to guiding me and helping me. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to pass my art subject.

Since young, mummy has always exposed me to a variety of craft work, such as cross stitch, knitting and a big bit of sewing. My all time favorite is doing cross stitch.

Mummy is good with crafting using any materials she can get. She has built an A-Tent out of pipes for me and my brother. She has build storage boxes out of cardboard boxes. She has made small furniture for the house.

Mummy made a patchwork blanket and a heart-shaped pillow for me when I was young. Those 2 items have always followed me, especially the pillow.

Mummy made loads of bags for me since i was young. A few sling bags, a few lunch bags, a few cloth folders.

Chances are, if you name any craft work, mummy would have done it once or twice.

So, my mummy is my first and always will be my inspiration in my craft work. Whenever I have doubt in doing any kind of craft, mummy would have the answers for me. She’ll advise me and sometimes reprimand me for venturing into dangerous craft territory.

But always, she’ll be there supporting.

The few times where the crafts was the craze were the folding of gizallion paper stars and making friendship bracelet. Mummy helped cut out the stripes from old magazines and papers so that we could fold the paper stars. Then, there was the craze of friendship bracelet in primary school. Mummy paid for the strings needed and even helped me complete a few.

Mummy has always inspired me to use our own hands to create beautiful things. It doesn’t matter how long it’ll take, thread by thread, cut by cut, we’ll complete the project.

One of the biggest inspiration mummy gives is how she’ll sew bags for her friends (and daughter) using cloths that are precious to her. She doesn’t hold back on using good materials to bless so many people. Hand-sewn bags, tissue packs, pin cushions, mummy will always choose to give to those who desire. All it takes is an awesome relationship and the wanting of a personalized gift (that’s how i see it).

So, who’s your inspiration? In whatever you do, be it craft, blogging, cooking and writing, is there someone who have inspired you to take the very first step forward? If there is, remember to always show your gratitude to them.

Go Away, Soot Sprites!

Remember Totoro?

Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

 Well, my friend remembered the soot sprites!! And she requested for needle felted ones.
She’s a very dear friend to me. So one day, i just took some black and white wool with my equipments and starting jabbing away.
Soot Sprites

Where are we going??

Where are we going??

Made these 3 little darlings. My favourite one is the one with right-sized eyes.

So this 3 soot sprites went to find a new home with my friend who has just started her undergraduate course then.

So, what do you think about the sprites? They are easy to make and require small amounts of wool only. Go ahead and give it a go!

Challenge Accepted

What challenge am I talking about? It’s The “Become a Writer” 30-Day Challenge!

I have always wanted to create a craft blog but have loads of reasons why I should wait first. Here are some examples:

  1. I’m just starting in craft works.
  2. I need to read more blogs first.
  3. I need more pictures of my work first.
  4. etc etc etc

Now, James Clear, to me is a master of breaking the habit of procrastination, WHY? He has been one of my inspirations when I feel like my goals are just too far-fetched. His consistent writing schedule means consistent reminders from him. His articles are inspiring and gets you thinking about your goals in life. Life is not about setting goals and breaking them but to incorporate the lifestyle linked with your goals into your life.

It doesn’t matter how little you have now, but that you start making a habit of doing something. Just take the step forward and build a progressive habit.

Basically, stick to your schedule and make good habits your lifestyle.

So, here am I now. Taking the step forward and creating a craft blog.

My dedication:

  1. To blog every Wednesdays and Fridays starting this week,
  2. To post about my work in progress (unless it’s a surprise!)
  3. To share with you my favorite craft blogs and websites.

Want to accept this challenge with me? Read more on The “Become a Writer” 30-Day Challenge! Also, check out James Clear and his blogs.

Let’s begin!