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Oh No!

Oh no! Today is one of those days you just want to stay in bed and dream around. All those plans you’ve made just vanishes.

Today was a rainy day. A day where I just stayed in. Wandering from the living room to the kitchen and back.

Though I didn’t do much, I had time to think about things. Like how do I improve this blog, how to make my planner work for me, what about my future. I guess rainy days bring out the thinker within.

I hope your Thursday has been more fruitful than mine.

And when we move on, don’t linger in the past



2015 Craft Resolution


Although nothing magical happens with the change of the year, we can always make an effort to improve ourselves and look forward to better days!

2014 was a roller coaster ride for me. But it has also been a teacher, teaching me to know myself better and to stand strong during stormy days.

So, this year I’m gonna commit myself to building this blog by posting each Thursday. Aiming for the habit and quality.

What about you? What resolutions are you making for 2015?

Remember, it’s the habit and progress rather than just the goal!

Have a great year and live each day with gratitude.

See you next Thursday!

Challenge Accepted

What challenge am I talking about? It’s The “Become a Writer” 30-Day Challenge!

I have always wanted to create a craft blog but have loads of reasons why I should wait first. Here are some examples:

  1. I’m just starting in craft works.
  2. I need to read more blogs first.
  3. I need more pictures of my work first.
  4. etc etc etc

Now, James Clear, to me is a master of breaking the habit of procrastination, WHY? He has been one of my inspirations when I feel like my goals are just too far-fetched. His consistent writing schedule means consistent reminders from him. His articles are inspiring and gets you thinking about your goals in life. Life is not about setting goals and breaking them but to incorporate the lifestyle linked with your goals into your life.

It doesn’t matter how little you have now, but that you start making a habit of doing something. Just take the step forward and build a progressive habit.

Basically, stick to your schedule and make good habits your lifestyle.

So, here am I now. Taking the step forward and creating a craft blog.

My dedication:

  1. To blog every Wednesdays and Fridays starting this week,
  2. To post about my work in progress (unless it’s a surprise!)
  3. To share with you my favorite craft blogs and websites.

Want to accept this challenge with me? Read more on The “Become a Writer” 30-Day Challenge! Also, check out James Clear and his blogs.

Let’s begin!