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Thread Inheritance & Organization

Hello lovelies!! Second post in a day! Hehe 😀

First, let me introduce to you this box. This box contains all my mum’s embroidery thread that she has collected since her college days. But BEWARE!

Mum's embroidery thread stash from her college days

Mum’s embroidery thread stash from her college days

It’s messy! Yes, all the plastic bags are labelled with the skeins it contains. But each time you want a single colour, you have to go through EVERYTHING! Unless you’re lucky enough to grab the correct one at the first try.

The messy collection!

The messy collection!

One sleepless night, I went to mum’s embroidery thread stash deciding to sort it out. Earlier on, I’ve just finished sorting my own stash from one of my cross stitch kit.

Armed with the bobbins I’ve printed and cut, a permanent marker, punch holder and plastic holders, I started going through it.

Printed and cut bobbins

Printed and cut bobbins

Link for the printable template for the cute bobbins: Wild Olive

So, one question I’ve been researching on was, “What System to Use??”

After a few nights of research, I came up with a Combo Saphira’s style.

Combo Saphira’s Style

All thread still new in their skein (Yes, my mum had a lot of new ones. That means I can save LOADS of money as I continue doing cross stitch) will be kept in plastic bags. Each plastic bag will contain 3 colours and will be kept with plastic fasteners. The system? They’ll all be grouped by their last digit.

Coded by their last digit

Coded by their last digit

Yes, I reused mum’s old plastic bags. More environmental friendly. My OCD for this is to use the same material plastic bags. Gotta let go of the fact that the permanent markers are not the same colour or thickness or that it’s messy with all the scribbling. But well, a system that works is a good system.

Then, I found a free app, Cross Stitch Thread Companion, that can be stored on my phone. So as I go through each plastic bag and organize them accordingly, I also note down on my phone of the amount of skeins of each colour.

What about those loose thread? Well, I just take them out of the plastic bag and wind them unto bobbins. At one stage, I ran out of bobbins and have not restocked, so I just tear a piece of paper, write the number down and wind it around the paper.

How do I store the bobbins? I used an old moon cake box to store it.

My first stash of embroidery thread

My first stash of embroidery thread

Bobbins stored according to number

Bobbins stored according to number

I made my own dividers to store the bobbins. After much thinking and researching, I’m storing them by numbers. Why? Because I’ll always want the exact thread colour for the projects and this makes it easier to find. If I can’t any of the colours here, I’ll scroll through my phone app, If it’s not listed, to the shops I’ll go.

One more thing:

Bobbins sorter with skeins sorter

Bobbins sorter with skeins sorter

I have a skein sorter from an old cigar box. The skeins just fit slightly longer than the divider. But here stores the skeins for the upcoming project I’ll be doing.

Mum’s stash of embroidery threads have become this:

All neatly sorted and place from 0-9

All neatly sorted and place from 0-9

End of Combo Saphira’s Style

So how do I search for the skein of thread I want? Just get the stack with the last digit. Flip through it until it’s found. Then remove the plastic fastener and get it out of the plastic bag. Put the skeins into the skein sorter and place back all the plastic bag with the plastic fastener.

I admit, it’s not really fun to flip through all the plastic bags, but till this stash expands till it’s messy once again, I’m sticking to this system.

So what do you think about my thread organizing system? What about your system? If you’ve not start sorting it out, just spend 20 minutes a day on it. It’s very therapeutic, until the thread knots on itself. Share also if you’ve any good or bad experience in creating your own organizing system.

Shalom 平安

ps: I’ve wanted to share with you this since I’ve completed the organizing project but have not gotten down to it until well, last night.

pps: I’m really grateful to have my lovelies so supportive.

ppps: this really has become a sanctuary for me where I can go crazy over craft stuff without being given a weird stare. Hey! Stop staring at me!!



Mummy, My First Inspiration

When I was younger, I hated art class.. My drawings are very stiff and lack creativity. I love colouring in the lines but it was still very stiff. While my classmate had really beautiful landscape drawings, mine had the sun in the right corner, triangular peaks for mountains on the upper part of the paper.

But nevertheless, mummy to the rescue!! Whenever I give up on my drawing, mummy would teach me how to make it look better.

I’ll always remember how good mummy is at freehand drawing. And she’ll always reprimand me. “You can’t stick your hand to the paper to do freehand,” that’s what she always tell me.

Whenever I had to complete my Seni (art), those are the days I dread. But mummy will always be beside me to guiding me and helping me. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to pass my art subject.

Since young, mummy has always exposed me to a variety of craft work, such as cross stitch, knitting and a big bit of sewing. My all time favorite is doing cross stitch.

Mummy is good with crafting using any materials she can get. She has built an A-Tent out of pipes for me and my brother. She has build storage boxes out of cardboard boxes. She has made small furniture for the house.

Mummy made a patchwork blanket and a heart-shaped pillow for me when I was young. Those 2 items have always followed me, especially the pillow.

Mummy made loads of bags for me since i was young. A few sling bags, a few lunch bags, a few cloth folders.

Chances are, if you name any craft work, mummy would have done it once or twice.

So, my mummy is my first and always will be my inspiration in my craft work. Whenever I have doubt in doing any kind of craft, mummy would have the answers for me. She’ll advise me and sometimes reprimand me for venturing into dangerous craft territory.

But always, she’ll be there supporting.

The few times where the crafts was the craze were the folding of gizallion paper stars and making friendship bracelet. Mummy helped cut out the stripes from old magazines and papers so that we could fold the paper stars. Then, there was the craze of friendship bracelet in primary school. Mummy paid for the strings needed and even helped me complete a few.

Mummy has always inspired me to use our own hands to create beautiful things. It doesn’t matter how long it’ll take, thread by thread, cut by cut, we’ll complete the project.

One of the biggest inspiration mummy gives is how she’ll sew bags for her friends (and daughter) using cloths that are precious to her. She doesn’t hold back on using good materials to bless so many people. Hand-sewn bags, tissue packs, pin cushions, mummy will always choose to give to those who desire. All it takes is an awesome relationship and the wanting of a personalized gift (that’s how i see it).

So, who’s your inspiration? In whatever you do, be it craft, blogging, cooking and writing, is there someone who have inspired you to take the very first step forward? If there is, remember to always show your gratitude to them.