Hello lovelies.

I’m guilty of procrastination 😥 I know I’ve promised a post last week but has stalled to this week.

However, I’m going to post not just one, but TWO post! Not a replacement but to just share a happy news, well, happy news for me.

First post is this!!

I’ve finally won a fabric giveaway!! I’m so so so so happy because I’ve finally won a giveaway!! Plus, it’s so near Christmas!! It’s like an early Christmas present!! WAAAAA!!!

Remember the post earlier, Giveaway by Craft Passion???? Yup! I’ve won the prize!! Out of the 20 winners, I’m one of them! Praise the Lord!

So, it’s possible to win a giveaway. DON’T GIVE UP! If the giveaway lets you post once a day, do it! Just spend less than 5 minutes to post it. That being said, don’t spend FOREVER on the post. Spend some time looking through the blog. Then get back doing your work.

Okay, this post is kinda short. But that’s because I’m going to spend more time for the next post. One hint, something to do with mum’s craft stash from her younger crafting days.

Hang in there alright? I’ll schedule it so that you’ll see it when you open my sanctuary in approximately 12 hours time 🙂

Till then….

Shalom 平安


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